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Sellers Guide To Marketing Wholesale Womens and Mens Clothing Distributors Wholesale Buying Resources Guide

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Sellers Guide To Marketing Womens Wholesale
Womens and Mens Clothing Distributors Wholesale Buying Resources Guide

What is marketing? Marketing is taking your goods to the market. In modern terms it means locating your target market, or customer, finding them, then convincing them that they need your product, and the price and durability makes it a good value. Creating the product is the easy part.

The key to marketing is having a great product at a price lower than the competition. If you meet that guideline, the product will almost sell itself, making the job of producing a profit, much easier.

Too often we see wholesalers or retailers doing too little market research,especially on the web. They are fooled into thinking that because their product sells for $20 in the local area, they can sell it on the web for $20. What these merchants have failed to see is that they may have very little competition in their town, but on the web, there are many competitors. Another mistake is thinking because the product sells for $20 in their local area, it sells for that in every local area.

Prices vary from town to town, county to county, state to state, and country to country. In order to market your goods successfully on the web, you need to establish the most common low price for your goods, see what your competitors are selling it for, and beat their price by 20%. If you can not do that, you need a new supplier. You are paying too much.

Once you have the lowest price, you need to target your market. Who would buy your goods? Where can you find them? How can you lead them to you? On the web the name of the game is free advertising, and the search engines are the best source of free traffic in heavy volumes. This means you have to have a website that the search engines will rank highly for your keywords. Your keywords are the main product lines. To accomplish this, you need a search engine optimized site, some longevity on the internet, and a nice flow of existing traffic.

This existing traffic (popularity) might come from other sites who exchange their banner on your site, for your banner on their site. It might come from paid ads on major websites, or in search engine results. You can expect all this to take up to a year, if everything goes along smoothly. The reality is very few websites make it the first year because the owner had unrealistic expectations, put in too little effort, did too little research, or simply had a product that was not very popular or was priced too high.

You can succeed by advertising your business on sites that your target market frequents. This means if you are trying to sell womens clothing, you need ads on sites that women would visit in large numbers. They might include clubs, organizations, business sites, other sites selling products to women, children's sites, educational sites and many others. Do your research and target your market with your ads. The rest takes time.