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Auction Sellers Guide

Sellers Guide To Auctions Wholesale Womens Clothing Distributors Wholesale Buying Resources Guide

Auction Sellers Guide - Sellers Guide To Auctions
How can you make money on ebay, yahoo, or any auctions site, when you have no feedback. Shoppers don't want to buy from sellers who are new, with no proven track record due to their perception of the fraud risk with a new seller. So, how do you get a high feedback count, without buying a truck load of goods, one piece at a time?

In as little as one month, you can go from 0 to 1000 feedback, for the mere cost of . . . nothing. We have seen sellers ' buy ' their feedback, by listing items for almost nothing. Basically, they give the item away at cost, and then add a handling fee, which is standard, to the shipping fee. The handling fee covers the cost of the listing fee and the value added fee. If the item sold for $.99, one per customer, with a shipping fee of $2.00, bubble packed shipped, the extra dollar made on the handling fee covers the ebay fees. If that item is never seen any cheaper than $10, anywhere, and the cost ot the item to you is $.99, you will sell a TON of them, no profit, but a ton of ebay feedback.

The key is to never sell the feedback booster product if it is the same product you will sell later., you just slashed the price, and cut the market price to nothing. It is worth mentioning that a good reason for buying feed-back is the listing fees will consume you, while auction after auction close with no bids, or very low bids, largely due to no feedback and buyer confidence. Sellers with high feedback get higher prices, and more active bidding. A small business can not afford this. It is also worth men-tioning if you gouge the buyers with high shipping fees, nobody will bid. Be reasonable.

We saw sellers trying this, going about it the wrong way, and have their auctions shut down by ebay. One such seller had a penny auction, and told the buyers, DO NOT PAY me, just leave me feedback and I will do the same..." you are buying feedback", the auction description said. No wonder ebay shut it down. But. we give him 10 points for effort.

But, there are many products, closeouts, wal-mart bargin bin closeouts, flea market vendors selling out, literally millions of places to find low cost items and dump them, just for fast feedback. You might even find a super deal on a wholesale lot at ebay offered by a brick and mortar business closing. When selecting a product, keep in mind shipping costs and hassles. If it can be shipped in a small bubbled pack, that is ideal.

Once you have the high feedback, you are ready to do business and sell, sell, sell. You have bought your way into the ebay seller community, feedback says you are fabulous...of course, you just gave the deal of the century to hundreds of people, and people will respect you. Offering up the rea l line of products, you are ready to make some serious money. Remember what you learned though, cheap sells. Keep your prices low, cut the competition, and sell in volume.