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Buyers Guide To Buying Surplus Clothing Wholesale Buying Resources Guide

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Buyers Guide To Buying Surplus Clothing, Critical Checklist for Buyers

CHECK LIST - Things you need to know.
  • Are the goods factory over-run, retail overstock, or factory salvage ?
  • What store(s) or manufacturer(s) are the goods originally from?
  • Are the goods grade A perfect, factory irregular, or damaged ?
  • What year were the goods on the shelf or rack at the retail level (can be several years)?
  • What season are the goods from (winter, spring, summer, fall) ?
  • If the goods are mixed seasons, what are the percentages of each season ?
  • How many pieces of any given specific style will you receive ?
  • Are the sizes regular sizes, plus sizes, or a combination of both ?
  • What percentage of plus sizes are in a typical mixed lot or load ?
  • Do the garments come on factory hangers with dress bags (normally indicates pre-retail level salvage)?
  • Will the garments need steaming to be presentable to your buyers ?
  • Do the garments come in factory poly bags clearly labeled with size ?
  • Is the lot or load itemized on the packing slip or manifest ?
  • What is the percentage of non-sell-able goods ?
  • What is the percentage of undergarments or low value goods within your lot or load ?
  • Are percentages guaranteed ?
  • Will the seller give you written guarantees in advance of your order ?
  • What lot sizes are available at given price points ?
  • Will the salvage wholesaler accept returns or give credits for the non-sell-able excess ?
  • What are the return terms on lingerie, sleepwear, and swim wear ?
  • Will the seller accept photographs instead of returns for non-sell-able goods ?
  • Will the seller refund shipping costs on non-sell-able goods ?
  • Will the seller pay for shipping for returned goods ?
  • Can you pay for your purchase with paypal ?
  • Are the goods protected by the paypal buyer guarantee ?