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Buying Salvage Clothing a Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide to Salvaged Clothing and Salvage Clothing Distributors Buying Resources Guide

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Buyers Guide to Salvaged Clothing and Salvage Clothing Distributors Buying Resources Guide

Never confuse salvage with surplus. They are two different types of goods.

  • Surplus goods may be perfect, and never touched by a consumer.
  • Salvage goods are rarely perfect, and normally have a fairly high percentage of goods that are totally unusable and unsellable. In the garment industry, an experienced seamstress could recover many garments, and render them useful. This is only advised if it is "factory salvage". You can not rework "consumer salvage" and resell it as "NEW". You have to sell it as "USED".

  • Salvage panties and swim suits that are "NOT" Factory salvage, must be discarded, even if they have still have tags on them, and are considered a loss in the load. These can easily comprise up to 50% of your load. Ask for written guaranties of these quantities.

    In this industry, it is always advisable to pick up your load. Otherwise, the possibility that you are going to get taken, is very high. Buy in bulk, inspect the goods, pick your load, rent a truck and take it home.

    CHECK LIST - Things you need to know

  • What store(s), if consumer salvage, are the goods originally from?
  • What year were the goods on the shelf or rack at the retail level (can be several years)?
  • What season are the goods from (winter, spring, summer, fall) ?
  • If the goods are mixed seasons, what are the percentages of each season ?
  • How many pieces of any given specific style will you receive ?
  • Are the sizes regular sizes, plus sizes, or a combination of both ?
  • What percentage of plus sizes are in a typical mixed lot or load ?
  • Do the garments come on factory hangers with dress bags? (indicates factory salvage)
  • Will the garments need steaming to be presentable to your buyers ?
  • Do the garments come in factory poly bags clearly labeled with size ?
  • Is the lot or load itemized on the packing slip or manifest ?
  • What is the percentage of non-sell-able goods ?
  • What is the percentage of undergarments or low value goods within your lot or load ?
  • Are percentages guaranteed ?
  • Will the seller give you written guarantees in advance of your order ?
  • What lot sizes are available at given price points ?
  • Will the salvage wholesaler accept returns or give credits for the non-sell-able excess ?
  • What are the return terms on lingerie, sleepwear, and swim wear ?
  • Will the seller accept photographs instead of returns for non-sell-able goods ?
  • Will the seller refund shipping costs on non-sell-able goods ?
  • Will the seller pay for shipping for returned goods ?
  • Can you pay for your purchase with paypal ?
  • Are the goods protected by the paypal buyer guarantee ?